Draft Beer Specialist

A Love Story

In these tough times, now more than ever the world needs our hospitality. This uncertain and rapidly changing landscape has fear on the rise. We see panic and irrational behaviors emerging from our communities and neighbors. Making it all the more critical that this is our time to shine.  We didn’t join this industry because…
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Interview with Lenny Comma, Jack in the Box CEO

The Value and Automation Wars As the big boys look to automation and lower price points, Jack in the Box looks to a better guest experience to win the latest fast-food wars. The self-proclaimed, out of the box, choice for fast food, Jack in the Box C.E.O. Lenny Comma stated “It’s our super craveable food with no…
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Training & Positive Culture

When talking to full-service restaurant owners nation-wide, the biggest repeat issue recently has been, recruiting and maintaining strong talent. I’m continually asked, “what’s the best way to advertise and find good staff?” Which I reply, to attract them organically through your operations and culture. It used to be as simple as a craigslist ad and…
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Top 10 Restaurant’s in Long Beach

LONG BEACH’S TOP 15 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS In this “Best of Long Beach Restaurants,” I want to look at Long Beach’s favorites places to eat. Specifically, those established, loved by all restaurants; this list isn’t about the hip or trendy.  This list is about; great food, being well run, friendly service, and most importantly, the test…
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Food Costs

by Ryan Ransom